We act

With the Charter on Working Relations With Fashion Models and Their Well-Being, Kering and LVMH seek to introduce rules that exceed legal obligations and apply around the world for the models who work with our brands, all over the world, regardless of the job involved (fittings, fashion shoots or runway shows). These measures center on three areas: working conditions, health and specific measures concerning models who are minors. Following are several examples.


Models must be treated with respect and professionalism. They must never be exposed to any dangerous, embarrassing or degrading activities.

Models must explicitly agree to any changes in appearance, nudity or semi-nudity.

In particular, in case of nudity or semi-nudity during a photo shoot or while they are dressing or undressing, models must never be left alone with a member of the production staff or a photographer.

During photo shoots or fashion shows models must have access to a reserved area where they can change in privacy.

In situations involving nudity or semi-nudity, the temperature to which models are exposed must be adjusted to ensure their comfort and health.

After 8pm, brands will provide transportation for models to return to their place of residence.


Brands commit to work only with models for whom the agency that employs them provides a medical certificate obtained less than six months before the fashion shoot or fashion show. This document certifies that they are in good health and able to work.

Brands commit to banning size 32 for women and size 42 for men (French sizes) from their casting requirements, and will thus require casting agencies to propose models who are size 34 or over for women, and size 44 or over for men.

During their work sessions for brands, models must have access to food and beverages matched to their dietary needs.

Alcoholic beverages are prohibited at the place of work at all times, unless special authorization has been given by the brand (after-show cocktail reception, for example). Strong alcoholic beverages are prohibited.

Kering and LVMH have each taken specific measures to provide psychological and nutritional support for models. This includes either backstage resources during fashion shows or a hotline. Psychologists and/or coaches may, for example provide advice about nutrition or stress management.


The brands must not hire models under the age of 16 to participate in fashion shows and photo shoots representing an adult. Models between 16 and 18 years old are not allowed to work between 10pm and 6am, in compliance with French law.

Nudity or semi-nudity for models under 18 is allowed only if a prior agreement has been signed with the model and their legal representative.


In conjunction with the Charter, each of the houses concerned has designated a representative to support and assess application of the measures in the Charter on site, and to act as a contact for models if any problems are encountered. Contact information for this representative is given to models by their agencies when they sign a contract with one of the houses that has committed to apply the Charter.

Lastly, a monitoring committee comprising members representing the different stakeholders will meet regularly to ensure application of the Charter and introduce any necessary changes.