State of mind

Everyone is affected by stress. Broadly speaking, stress is a physiological and psychological phenomenon that occurs in various situations, sometimes positive, sometimes negative. Situations like starting a new job, or falling in love, or competing in a sporting event, or taking part in a fashion show, for instance, may be the source of this feeling.

Stress can manifest itself in different ways and to varying degrees. It impacts our behavior, thoughts and emotions. It is sometimes difficult to determine the factors that increase our stress, and each person feels and reacts differently to stress.

This is why it is essential for everyone to learn to manage their stress and have strategies to cope with specific stressful conditions. This not only helps limit negative reactions to stressful events, but also lets you actually use stress positively thanks to the energy and alertness it creates. Stress can motivate you to pull yourself together and be more focused, more creative, more empathetic. This is why everyone should learn to recognize the signs of stress and to determine their personal solutions to turn stress into a beneficial experience.