All about food

Like top-level athletes, models must adapt their diet to their profession.

Ideally, you should eat according to what your body needs and make sure your diet is varied.

A balanced diet


A balanced diet prevents any deficiencies that can have harmful – and sometimes irremediable – effects on your well-being and health, such as loss of muscle tone or hair, dry skin, fatigue, and, in both the short and longer term, more severe complications.

Doctors recommend that if possible, you should eat food each day from the seven following categories: non alcoholic beverages, fruits and vegetables, carbohydrates, milk products, meat, fish and eggs, fats (lipids) and sugars.

During Fashion Week


It is especially important to maintain a balanced diet during Fashion Weeks, when intense activity and stress can lead you to eat less, even though your body actually needs more nutrition than usual.

Guidelines drawn up by a nutritionist taking into account the specific demands of the modeling profession are available below. They contain simple and practical advice to help you feel well all year round, and especially before, during and after an intensive period of work, such as Fashion Week.